my brothers a teen now!

it was by brothers birthday and we went to mount Rushmore. but first we should stat at the beginning.first i woke up with my brother and said hey Logan you’re a teen now! he smiled and said “yup I’m a teen now” with a dreamy smile. but we played video games first then we went outside of our room and saw this.

Logan was so surprised he was saying thank you! already. We thought it was going to be a simple b day but nope! then we opened a pressent before we left to the other campsite. Siri sent us in the wrong direction! so instead of it being 30 min it was an hour! siri stinks at directions. then we did another present which is mine so I gave him the present to him. when we were at the Yellowstone gift shop he picked out a necklace that he loved so i got it for him and he was so happy!

We went to the town square and saw a park we walked by and saw some ice cream shops and food stores. we were looking for restraints. we went to covers because we didn’t know any other restaurants. so we went and ate a great meal! then we went back did a scavenger hunt and ate ice-cream at the park the ice cream I got was s’mores and Oreo cake mix ice cream it was delicious when you mix them. it made like a paste ice cream substance and a really good flavor! the cone was chocolate waffle cone with sprinkles. then we went to mount Rushmore and Siri made it from an hour to a 2 hour drive. we went at  night and so it was a spotlight show at 10 o’clock. we went and then it started hailing and raining it was awesome! we took cover in the store/gift shop our dad got the car as close as he can. then we ran about a football field to the car it was hilarious!

we went home with a map not Siri. we went home and opened the rest of the presents.he got a arsoft gun! me and my brother have been wanting one for so long! we were so happy!! that is the best day ever!


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