Trip of 2017

How many time zones have you been in? After this trip I will have been in all four time zones throughout the US! Our trip began in Utah which is in the Mountain time zone. We spent about 2 ½ weeks in the Mountain time zone. We went North and then we went East into the Central time zone. We were in the Central time zone for about 1 month before heading into the Eastern time zone. Currently we have been in the Eastern time zone for about a month and a half and we will be here for about another month and a half before we go to California in the Pacific time zone.

In the mountain time zone I had so much fun. Our first stop was Lagoon. Lagoon is a theme park and the rides are huge! I went on the second scariest ride in the park. It had a 200 foot drop straight down. Also we went to a 75 foot drop Roller coaster that went down and did about 3 upsidedown loopty loops. Our next destination was Idaho. We had a long drive. We were going through a small town and we saw white water rafting. Dad immediately put on the GoPro and we prepared to have fun. Within the first 50 feet of our rafting, we went down a waterfall and flipped the raft. Once we finished gasping for air we realized we lost our GoPro! But it was still fun. Our next adventure was the third of July in Butte Montana. We went and watched a fireworks show.  The adults were on the grass while the kids played on a spinny bar that was like a merry-go-round on a pole.  Then on the Fourth of July, in Bozeman, we sat on our blankets and watched the Fourth of July concert. Next we went to Yellowstone and it was amazing! The geysers were small at first. The water was beautiful. Some water was sky/baby blue and it reminded me of Hawaii. Some geysers were orange at the bottom. Then we saw her… Old Faithful. She burst so high, about 80 ft in the air with boiling hot water.  It was like nothing I had ever seen. In conclusion, this time zone was a bundle full of joy.

We then went to the Central time zone. In South Dakota we headed out to Mount Rushmore! And then guess what? Siri sent my family in the wrong direction for an hour! Therefore we missed the light show at night time. It was my brother’s birthday and we celebrated his birthday by going to Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore was a beautiful sight. We also saw the Crazy Horse Memorial. It was made because the Indians wanted to have a memorial  for their heroes just like the white men have Mt. Rushmore. The Crazy Horse Memorial is a rock carving that is carved into a mountain with a famous Indian, named Crazy Horse, riding his horse. Our next stop was the Wisconsin Dells Aerial Park. The Wisconsin Dells Aerial Park was a group of obstacles that hung about 3 feet, 20 feet, and 60 feet in the air. My entire family had to cross with the ropes with only a tether. It was hard, scary, and it was amazingly fun. Next we went to Noah’s Arc. Noah’s Arc is the biggest waterpark in the world we’ve been told. It was huge! One of my favorite rides was one that could fit my whole family into a black and white tube and we did loopty loops around a sphere. Then  we were in Chicago. We went on a boat tour, on the Michigan river,  that taught about the architecture of the city. We also had the best pizza ever. It was a deep dish Chicago pizza at Giovanni’s. It had cheese in the middle and it was really cheesy. Next we went to the aquarium. It had all types of fish.  There were deep ocean fish and fresh water fish. Therefore, of the two time zones, this time zone was my favorite.

We are now in the Eastern time zone. We went to Indiana to meet some friends at Notre Dame college. We brought the football and we saw a lot of cool stuff on the campus of Notre Dame. We walked around through the library and across the Notre Dame campus. We also played football in front of Touchdown Jesus. The next week we went to Mackinac Island. It has horse drawn carriages and bicycles for transportation. We had to get there by ferry. Mackinac Island is famous for their fudge. We got fudge and hiked around. The sight was beautiful; the water was turquoise blue. We are now at the Henry Ford Museum. We walked in and we saw trains, we saw cars, and we saw many more things. We saw the chair that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in, we saw the president’s cars, we saw the evolution of the car. We saw so much more that we thought we couldn’t see any more. But we were wrong. We went outside and we walked around and it turns out Henry Ford collected houses from all over the US of famous people. He had the Wright Brother’s bicycle shop and he also had their childhood home. He had Tesla’s house as well as many other famous people’s homes. He collected and moved each house brick by brick, plank by plank. This timezone far exceeded my expectations.

My two favorite places for each time zone were;  white water rafting and Lagoon for the Mountain time zone. For the Central time zone I liked the Areal Park and the Mount Rushmore. Next for the Eastern time zone, I liked the Ford Museum and Boston. Also in New York the Statue of Liberty! Therefore the Eastern time zone has been my favorite time zone of all and it keeps getting better and better. So stay tuned for my next blog post about the fourth time zone.


To be continued…


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