Beach Day!

Were going to the Hamptons!

We are in the car and bursting with laughter. We are going to the beach! In my head I thought, “Man, I hope I find a lot of sea shells and maybe some big ones too.” Yes! I can see the beach from here! But wait, We need to park our trailer. We found a five dollar parking lot and we bought a parking ticket. Then two more trailers parked next to us. And we went to the beach.  On the way there we “barricaded” my mother. (btw barricaded means running and flopping down in front of  my mother) We got there and I searched for some seashells. Also I made a chair out of sand and it was comfy. Then we left after an hour and we went to a campsite and guess what?! We were next to the same people from the parking area!. After we got setup, I want down into a little beach and there was a huge skeleton of a dead fish in the bushes. Also, there was a huge amount of sea shells and they were humongous! In my opinion that was a good day.


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