We’re going to maine! it is so exciting! we are going to eat crab and lobster and were also going to the harbour and the beach. we might go and trap some lobsters if it’s not too expensive.

We went down through Portland and it was beautiful! the buildings were nice and comforting. Also the restaurant we went to was expensive and fun. It was a boat transformed into a restaurant! It was on the dock and it’s food tasted Amazing! I got the crab roll. It tasted sweet, cold, smooth, and fishy.

After the drive we got to our destination. The Head Light. only the most photographed lighthouse in america! We went for a walk ant we saw it and we saw the beach I got a few rocks for my cousins so I could give them a rock from main and the most photographed light house in the USA. Also I’m going to give them a bunch of rocks from different places across the country. I hope there excited!


~ aiden McCorvey


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