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Hello my name Aiden and I am posting my first blog post ever! the main reason I have created this blog is to doccument my 6 month cross country trip that my family and I are going on. we are going on this trip wit a 31 foot travel trailerWe are starting of in Utah and our first stop is lagoon. We have lived in Utah for eleven years an never went to lagoon! but that makes it even more exciting! so on june 21st we will be leaving to go on our big vacation!

D day adventure park

Just a few days ago we went to the biggest water-park in the world! it was huge! But first things first we went to a d day adventure park. There were three levels each level is how hard it is. I went to the 2’ond story which was sorta hard.my favorite one on the second story was where you went on a swing jumped over to another swing then hoped through the tire and walked over two more swings! it was so fun! The hardest one there was where you walked on a cable and there were ropes dangling down to help me. Then I went to lvl 3. It was a lot harder. The easiest was where you were on a stump from a tree branch and went swung to another you did that three times and it was like 36 feet above the ground! But I did it! then there was a helicopter that i went in and it was a story above lvl three! you went across a board with nothing to grab on to. then you had to go back. but it was so much fun! we went home and the next day we went to a water park and it was huge! it was so much fun! we went on all sorts of family rides that can fit 5 people. we went in loopty loops and we went left we went right ad we wend down down down up up up. we had the time of our life

my brothers a teen now!

it was by brothers birthday and we went to mount Rushmore. but first we should stat at the beginning.first i woke up with my brother and said hey Logan you’re a teen now! he smiled and said “yup I’m a teen now” with a dreamy smile. but we played video games first then we went outside of our room and saw this.

Logan was so surprised he was saying thank you! already. We thought it was going to be a simple b day but nope! then we opened a pressent before we left to the other campsite. Siri sent us in the wrong direction! so instead of it being 30 min it was an hour! siri stinks at directions. then we did another present which is mine so I gave him the present to him. when we were at the Yellowstone gift shop he picked out a necklace that he loved so i got it for him and he was so happy!

We went to the town square and saw a park we walked by and saw some ice cream shops and food stores. we were looking for restraints. we went to covers because we didn’t know any other restaurants. so we went and ate a great meal! then we went back did a scavenger hunt and ate ice-cream at the park the ice cream I got was s’mores and Oreo cake mix ice cream it was delicious when you mix them. it made like a paste ice cream substance and a really good flavor! the cone was chocolate waffle cone with sprinkles. then we went to mount Rushmore and Siri made it from an hour to a 2 hour drive. we went at  night and so it was a spotlight show at 10 o’clock. we went and then it started hailing and raining it was awesome! we took cover in the store/gift shop our dad got the car as close as he can. then we ran about a football field to the car it was hilarious!

we went home with a map not Siri. we went home and opened the rest of the presents.he got a arsoft gun! me and my brother have been wanting one for so long! we were so happy!! that is the best day ever!


Yesterday was a hard day for us. We drove 5 houres and in the middle of it we met this kind loving man who we call uncle David. He was my dads old dad. He had 17 brothers and sisters. They had a hard time when they were young. We caught up about how he was doing because he hadn’t seen my dad since he was 8 now he is 50.  A fun fact about him is when my dad was swimming he beat a tree to death. He took mma ti quan do and a lot of other types of mma. So we drove he rest and when we got there we found out there was like no park at all. I played there because of the tether ball. And my dad played the first round was so hard he won both rounds but the first round I lasted a while then when I got home my mom had lost the trip money! All of the trip money was in that wallet.we searched and searched but couldn’t find it. We called the store that we used it last and… IT WAS THERE! We were so glad and happy! But now our dad is driving back four houres then driving back four houres to get it. It also had my moms drivers slicense in it! We found it and we were so happy!


Hey guess what! we went to Yellowstone National Park! it was beautiful. but first things first we have three days to fill up on.  on fourth of July we went to Butte and watched the fire work display. there were so much fireworks aside of the show you can’t tell when it started and when it ended. well u could tell if it ended because of the finale. when we got on the road we road for an hour and a half when we got there we set up and went to a concert/firework show. it was so much fun but the cold breeze nipped at our ears. we then went in the middle before the fireworks we  watched some fire works and when we went to get ours we got a match box. It was too old! when we went home we went got the lighter than that breeze picked up into a roaring storm! bummer! then next day was pretty I went over to a park and then met a few kids and one was really nice i played with him a lot he was funny and nice. he had brown hair small and athletic. his sister wanted to play house with me and i was the brother.  Of course I was a defiant little one. then the brother came and was the defiant little friend. it was fun. there was a nice breeze again. oh no 0=.  I said mom dad can we do fireworks before another storm comes in? they said we want to go the pool first and try the hot springs. In my head I thought nooo!! were going to miss my newly bought fireworks! and the hot springs have ben so nice but the storm picked up and no fireworks. the next day was a repeat of that day no fireworks no happy Aiden. and the next day we were moving to another camp site, but that’s ok. not! that national park doesnt alow fireworks and now its the 7 of july. and still no fireworks. )=; but we met alot of kids. i mean alot. and the thing you have ben waiting for is Yellowstone! we went to Yellowstone and it was beautiful! the geysers were like turquoise blue, baby blue, electric blue, and dark blue. also there was a little bit of green and yellow.  We saw Old Faithful explode!

4th of july!

first things first the most fun I have had in the last few days is the sifting for gems. im a gem nerd so i had so much fun! we bought a bag of gem krazythat is where u sift through a bag of newly mined gems. we found Sun rock, Amethyst, quarts, calcite, blue onix, Garnet, Smoky quarts, and saphires. we also saw fools gold.  when it was the third of july in one place the city had a bigger celebration on the third than the fourth does. and now it’s the fourth. of july. the fourth of july the one that selebrates the birth of america!

God’s Beauty


Today we went to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The ride there we went over the teton pass. We learned all about when semi trucks can’t stop when going down a mountain they use the runaway truck station to stop them. They use the gates in the station to crash into in order to stop.

It was a long ride. It was also a beautiful one. We drove in the rain, and when the rain stopped we got out and took pictures of mountain side. We took many pictures with our cannon camera. Sadly we can’t upload the pictures yet. We actually saw a moose and its baby. We saw a lot of the rivers and mountains in the grand tetons. In the end we drank hot coco and we watched Lost (the TV show Ep1).