D day adventure park

Just a few days ago we went to the biggest water-park in the world! it was huge! But first things first we went to a d day adventure park. There were three levels each level is how hard it is. I went to the 2’ond story which was sorta hard.my favorite one on the second story was where you went on a swing jumped over to another swing then hoped through the tire and walked over two more swings! it was so fun! The hardest one there was where you walked on a cable and there were ropes dangling down to help me. Then I went to lvl 3. It was a lot harder. The easiest was where you were on a stump from a tree branch and went swung to another you did that three times and it was like 36 feet above the ground! But I did it! then there was a helicopter that i went in and it was a story above lvl three! you went across a board with nothing to grab on to. then you had to go back. but it was so much fun! we went home and the next day we went to a water park and it was huge! it was so much fun! we went on all sorts of family rides that can fit 5 people. we went in loopty loops and we went left we went right ad we wend down down down up up up. we had the time of our life


5 thoughts on “D day adventure park”

    1. Aidan, you are having the time of your life!!! I’m so happy for you. I ‘m having fun just reading your descriptions. Keep the messages coming!

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