Yesterday was a hard day for us. We drove 5 houres and in the middle of it we met this kind loving man who we call uncle David. He was my dads old dad. He had 17 brothers and sisters. They had a hard time when they were young. We caught up about how he was doing because he hadn’t seen my dad since he was 8 now he is 50.  A fun fact about him is when my dad was swimming he beat a tree to death. He took mma ti quan do and a lot of other types of mma. So we drove he rest and when we got there we found out there was like no park at all. I played there because of the tether ball. And my dad played the first round was so hard he won both rounds but the first round I lasted a while then when I got home my mom had lost the trip money! All of the trip money was in that wallet.we searched and searched but couldn’t find it. We called the store that we used it last and… IT WAS THERE! We were so glad and happy! But now our dad is driving back four houres then driving back four houres to get it. It also had my moms drivers slicense in it! We found it and we were so happy!


7 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. Wow Aidan what a story. What a great moment to have experienced. Touching base with ole acquaintances and family is so vital to life. Wasn’t it a blessing to have retrieved your moms wallet. I can’t help but wonder it this wasn’t God as work, again! You made time to re-kindle a relationship with uncle Dave who probably was touched beyond your understanding with the valuable memories you shared and the reward was getting back the wallet with its valuable contents.

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  3. It is wonderful to make a connection with an old friend. So often we are too busy and our lives do not interconnect with that old friend. So that was great that you could do that , especially for your Dad. And what a bit of luck that the wallet was still at the store. Honest people had kept it safe!


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