Boring day!

Today has been  a boring day compared to the other days. We haven’t even flipped a white water raft! Nothing excitingly all! But a nice short ride to another campsite. The campsite is not that family type of place. The park stinksWe are here and now it’s in the morning and we are going to the Tetons. Some of us are excited. We have never been to the Tetons. It is going to be exciting.

Well it was fun. It was pretty cold though. There was pretty flowers 🌷🌻💐. We took pictures but I cant access them right now sorry. But I can tell you it was beautiful. In the middle of the runway of trees there was this snow! Also the trees were bent all in one way. So I knew it was from an avalanche. We saw black clouds coming our way. They were storm clouds .⛈ so we started to jog back. Then it came faster and faster. In a few minutes we were on a race booth sides sprinting. We made it! Right when we all got in it started pouring.💦💧and hailing. We just made it!


4 thoughts on “Boring day!”

  1. Some days we’re on top of the mountain in the excitement of the moment but its in the valley that we have time to reflect, rest and prepare for the next mountain experience. Sounds like there are some beautiful scenes around you.

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