Our trip at lagoon!

IMG_5174IMG_5176IMG_5205IMG_5207Hey we are just leaving lagoon! Lagoon was so much fun! We were so excited! I went  on wicked with my dad! We also went on colossus! It was so much fun! And it was really fast! Then we went on spider. I loved going backwards! It was scary and unexpected! It was fast too. So if you have not been to lagoon then I will tell you what all these are. Wicked is one where you go straight up then you turn and go straight down right away! You go upside down then you spin and keep doing big drops! Colossus is where you go up almost as high as wicked then go down at a slant then after that you go upside down and do a double loup! And last but not least is spider. Spider is a sequence of up down right left and everything. You spin while moving! Here are some pictures above.


7 thoughts on “Our trip at lagoon!”

  1. Enjoy your trip with your family! You are so lucky to be able to make this trip and see so much of our beautiful country! This is an adventure you will always remember. Keep up the good work with your blog!


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