Hey guess what! we went to Yellowstone National Park! it was beautiful. but first things first we have three days to fill up on.  on fourth of July we went to Butte and watched the fire work display. there were so much fireworks aside of the show you can’t tell when it started and when it ended. well u could tell if it ended because of the finale. when we got on the road we road for an hour and a half when we got there we set up and went to a concert/firework show. it was so much fun but the cold breeze nipped at our ears. we then went in the middle before the fireworks we  watched some fire works and when we went to get ours we got a match box. It was too old! when we went home we went got the lighter than that breeze picked up into a roaring storm! bummer! then next day was pretty I went over to a park and then met a few kids and one was really nice i played with him a lot he was funny and nice. he had brown hair small and athletic. his sister wanted to play house with me and i was the brother.  Of course I was a defiant little one. then the brother came and was the defiant little friend. it was fun. there was a nice breeze again. oh no 0=.  I said mom dad can we do fireworks before another storm comes in? they said we want to go the pool first and try the hot springs. In my head I thought nooo!! were going to miss my newly bought fireworks! and the hot springs have ben so nice but the storm picked up and no fireworks. the next day was a repeat of that day no fireworks no happy Aiden. and the next day we were moving to another camp site, but that’s ok. not! that national park doesnt alow fireworks and now its the 7 of july. and still no fireworks. )=; but we met alot of kids. i mean alot. and the thing you have ben waiting for is Yellowstone! we went to Yellowstone and it was beautiful! the geysers were like turquoise blue, baby blue, electric blue, and dark blue. also there was a little bit of green and yellow.  We saw Old Faithful explode!


3 thoughts on “Yellowstone!”

  1. Old Faithful exploding. That is really something isn’t it? sounds like you are having a pretty good time on your travel trekking. Keep on writing the posts. I enjoy reading them.


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