Boring day no post

I am deciding that if there is a boring day like just driving then I will not post until I got a lot to post about because you readers want to read about fun stuff not boring old driving or even playing at the park. So tell me if you think that I should post every day then I will.


4 thoughts on “Boring day no post”

  1. I think you should do what I do and blog about the exciting days and then on the boring ones out like a small little paragraph about that in the next exciting post’s beginning 😉 nice post though Aidan! Awesome!


  2. Blogging is a very personal opportunity to share you with the community. To us the journey is always filled with exciting highs and the boring lows but life is like that, a roller coaster. But without the quiet or boring moments we wouldn’t be able to recognize the exciting highs. For us how you spend your leisure time is as important as the exciting adventures of rafting down a stream and spilling over or being chased by a bull elk. We know you’ll make a good choice but which ever way you choose we’ll be here.

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      1. We enjoy reading your blog and seeing how your eyes are opening to all the wonders around. You are learning to balance everything and this our friend is a life long process but one we see you beginning to master well. Keep sharing from your heart and watch everything grow around you.


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