We moved! well… we sorta moved twice

It’s been a while since I have been blogging so we got alot to cuatch up on. first of all we sold our dad’s old volvo! second we got out of school and we moved out of our old rental. well… we sorta moved twice in a month! it was a busy month. whew. thank goodnes that month is over. when we got out of school we had a huge party we invited all of our friends over and all of them came! it was so much fun! the first move wehad two garage sales! two! in the same month we moved again and packed for our big trip on June 21’st! we also discovered this sic place caled battle evolution! it is the most fun we had sience our big party! it had every gun in nerf you could immagine! They had snipers, sub-machine guns, pistols, shot guns and many mnore! it is 8 dollars for an all day pass! we went there twice a week once and then we went again the next week! yesterday we went over to a minni party and we had this kareoki oncert and they even had a micraphone to use with the kareoki! we played sardenes for like another hour also we played video games in his gamer room. we also watched alot of dude perfect videos. it was a busy 3 months.


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