Friends and garage sales

today I played at my friends house and I went to a new park and we played there for 3 houres straight and I got to play some video games but not a lot. My friend has two crazy sisters and a maniac brother. Why I say maniac is because one day my friend Benson said show me number one. And then he flipped him of so he has Ben doing that for everything. Also when I was at his house he got a chip about an inch in diameter and he dipped the chip into sour cream and there was atleast a 2 in. High stack of sour cream. His sisters Are so creepy. They are walking and p on u mysteriously walks up behind you. Also I had sucky garage sale I only got 15 dollars from about 7 houres. I was sorta disappointed that I got that much of money for that amount of time, but what do u expect? My other grandma lives with us and she sold quite a bit. We are already starting to Prepare for our 6 month vacation!



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